I was in an exhibition at  Baron Gallery, Vancouver.  Links are below:

Artist Talk: "Unlearning How to Paint" with brain specialist Dr. Paul G. Swingle, "ART AND THE BRAIN," here and here.

Vancouver Observer Review here.

My Big Action Painting Workshop here.
Participant work here.

My style eye has also been featured in the past in  Vancouver Magazine.
micro sculptures by Osamu Kobayashi HERE.
Things that look perfect when they are large become shockingly imperfect under a microscope. Even straight lines have gaping fissures along their edges under careful focus.

How can perfection exist when our perceptions of it are constantly shifting from near to far? No matter how much we corset, bind, sanitize, and deodorize, chaos remains our natural state.

I am interested in how much people don't know, how much we are fumbling in the dark. I celebrate that seeming chaos, but at the same time chase those threads that bind us together as we seek understanding of our existence. Is it math? Is it spirit? I'm looking for resonance in my work and style.
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