I live in Vancouver, Canada.
When I grew up I got real messy with paint.
I paint BIG and small.
It really depends on my mood and how big the room is. 
And I sketch and sigh with contentment too.

melanie kobayashi
melstrom, n.

Forms: 19- mel storm, 19- melanie kobayashi, 19- mel kobayashi, 20- melanie strom 
Etymology: < early modern Canadian mel one with passion, curiosity, tenacity + strom to whip about wildly in a whirlpool. 

The earliest known use of mel storm occurs in southwestern Ontario, Canada, as an uncommon noun native to High Canadian. melstrom first appears in literature in the fine arts department of U. of Toronto and Simon Fraser U., probably as a mistype of mel storm. There is evidence that the word gained popularity in Tokyo, Japan, in the late 20th century among bohemians who frequented theatres, galleries, music venues, shrines, shops, and eateries.

Melstrom can be easily identified by her distinctive cry: "I breathe. I paint. Stand back!" 

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melanie kobayashi throughout time (just to be safe)