Beachside Snocone Cafe. 2011. Acrylic on canvas paper, 18" x 24"Mother's fresh sheet - you never knew what would be for dinner. 2011. Acrylic on canvas paper, 18"x24"Canadian portage expressway. 2011. Acrylic on canvas paper, 18"x24"Cindy's mum was a corporate lawyer, but since her dad bought her the biggest rack on the block, her mum had begun to embrace environmental causes. Acrylic on canvas paper, 18"x24""Even though I left my sceptre at home, and my sash too, I am still the Queen of Canada. Has anyone seen my corgis?" Acrylic on canvas paper, 20"x16""Igloo cake! My favourite!" Acrylic on canvas paper, 18"x24"Preparation of mother's goose feather headdress became an endearing Canadian holiday tradition that we eagerly anticipated every year. Acrylic on canvas paper, 18"x24"Her awkward emu running style confused the wolves but they embraced her Mother Earth spirit nonetheless. Acrylic on canvas paper, 18"x24"Queen of Canada at an abandoned Canadian dwelling. "You're worse than my corgis. Now be quiet or I shall have to cut off your heads and I don't want to do that because I've just rinsed my gown." Acrylic on canvas paper, 18"x24"
melanie kobayashi
Selected Works from Social Commentary Series
Queen of Canada series
This series was started in 2007 and is ongoing. It was triggered by Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics boosterism that often depicted Canada as a country of igloos, ice-fishing, and Inukshuks.  >>
It's a High, High, High, High, High Class World series
Sophistication and fashion, jet-setting and deal-making. This series was started in 2006; it is ongoing.  >>
(c) Melanie Kobayashi, 2010-2012
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These works usually address the disconnect between reality and dreams, physical and social isolation, and gender issues.   >>