melanie kobayashi
Selected Works from Social Commentary Series
Queen of Canada series
This series was started in 2007 and is ongoing. It was triggered by Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics boosterism that often depicted Canada as a country of igloos, ice-fishing, and Inukshuks.  >>
(c) Melanie Kobayashi, 2010-2012
Friday night in Yaletown. Oil pastel and oil stick on paper, 20" x 26", 2011Art Gallery Gardener. 18" x 24", acrylic on canvas paper, 2010
"Bwa, bwa, b-b-bwa."
"Bwa, bwa." Ssssrr. Thh. Scccra.
Larva Lips.
Acrylic on canvas paper, 18" x 24"Charity party. Drinking for the cause. Acrylic on canvas paper, 18"x24""I can't hear you." 
"I can't hear you." 
"Did you say you want more coffee?" 
Dawn of the Blackberry.
Acrylic on canvas paper, 18"x24"The Encounter. Acrylic on canvas paper. 18"x24"The high class meal at Chambar. Acrylic on canvas paper, 18" x 24"Pizza night with the Bijoux Family in the Fushcia-Starburst-Plaid Grey Room.
Charles: "Debbie, please! You know how I hate it when you chew with your mouth full."
Acrylic on canvas paper, 18"x24The Jury. 18" x 24", acrylic on canvas paper, 2010
It's a High, High, High, High, High Class World series
Sophistication and fashion, jet-setting and deal-making. This series was started in 2006; it is ongoing.  >>
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These works usually address the disconnect between reality and dreams, physical and social isolation, and gender issues.   >>